Day 9 | Faithful in Character

Day 9 | Faithful in Character

The Authentic Man Prays

“Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.” Luke 18:1

Prayer is a not a religious experience.  It is foundational to the relationship between God and man.

Through prayer we have the ability to receive insight, instruction, and inspiration for successful living.

Jesus taught us how to pray in Matthew 6:

  • Protocol & Paternal – Our Father in heaven, Your Name is Holy.
  • Priority & Peace – Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done.
  • Provision – Give us today our daily bread.
  • Pardon – Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven.
  • Protection & Power – Deliver us from the evil one.
  • Praise – For Yours is the Kingdom, Power, and Glory!

This simple outline gives you a complete overview of how to pray.  I have prayed this outline for over 25 years.  It works.  The outline is a launching pad for my conversation with the Father.  As you pray each part, expound on the topic.  You will find yourself focusing on what you really need to communicate.


Find a secluded place to walk and pray this outline.  Speak out-loud when you do.


  1. Antoine McCoy 13 years ago

    The late Dr. Edwin Louis Cole said pray produces intimacy for whom we pray, with whom we pray, and to whom we pray. I find this to be true and I need to commit to a more disciplined life of prayer. Another prayer form that I have found enriching in my life has been the Tabernacle or Temple prayer model.

    Learn more at: Click on the resources tab to download the actual prayer.

  2. Mike Z 13 years ago

    wow this is wonderful praying to our Father like that makes you seem so close to Him and the spirit of God comes in full bloom. This is one of the best ways to pray to our Creator and thank Him for all He has done for us.

  3. Loranzy 11 years ago

    The information and guidance that the material covers should be read,shared and soaked in by every man in his household.Insightful and full of faith,heart and self development.

  4. Stephen Jakubowski 11 years ago

    Is it also true that we need to pray in order to keep our mission?

  5. Dan Bull 8 years ago

    I was taught to use the word PRAY as an acronym and mental help tool while praying.
    P – praise him first
    R – repent any sin
    A – ask for what you need
    Y – yield your heart to the Lord

  6. Dov 4 years ago

    Thank you gor this reminder. I always mocked Catholics for putting up their “altar” as their prayer closet. Yes we do not need all these “holy” stuff but we definitely need a closet.

  7. Brandon 3 years ago

    I will have to read Matthew 6 for guidance. But for today – will walk and pray.

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