Day 3 | Gallant in Relationships

Day 3 | Gallant in Relationships

Dress For Significance

“When Pharaoh sent for Joseph, he was quickly brought from the dungeon.  After he had shaved and changed his clothes, he entered the presence of Pharaoh.” Genesis 41:14


A gallant man is fashionable and groomed appropriately for every occasion.

Men love to wear uniforms; some however have allowed their uniform to become sloppy and disheveled.  If you were called into a very special meeting would you be embarrassed by your attire?

It’s time for a man-makeover.


  • Visit a men’s clothing store and gather ideas.
  • Buy a men’s style magazine.
  • Get a new hairstyle and cut.
  • Get a professional shave or beard trim.
  • Trim your eyebrows, ear hairs, nose hairs, etc.
  • Clean your closet.
  • Donate clothes that are out of date.
  • Buy three new outfits that coordinate.
  • Buy new shoes and socks.
  • Buy new underwear and sleepwear.


Start your man-makeover by cleaning your closet.



  1. Scott 11 years ago

    this was tuff, I looked at different stores and I seen clothes for very young and the other side, very old. did not buy a thing but I understand the concept.

  2. Neil Kennedy 11 years ago

    I think that you can’t go wrong with Joseph Banks or Brooks Brothers unless you’re able to land Scappino (which I’ve only found in Mexico).

  3. Dave 11 years ago

    I simply asked my wife and kids what looked great (not just good). Needless to say, I look great and up to date, my kids are proud to be seen in public with their old man and Momma is very happy.

  4. Frank 11 years ago

    Not sure I like the new style of clothes. The last suit I owned was the one I got married in 32 years ago. This is a tough one.

  5. Mike Z 11 years ago

    WOW I have lost of clothes to sort through this is not going to be easy but I will do my overall best. I do not need any new stuff yet but out with the old is always good . I did just get a new suit a month ago.

  6. Antoine McCoy 11 years ago

    For today’s challenge, I’m going to donate out-of-date clothes and get a good grooming of the excess facial hairs.

  7. David Elliott 10 years ago

    Going to get the queens advice on this on I figure she is the one I really want to please.

  8. BuggsDaniel 10 years ago

    This is an easy one for me, I teach boy,s to become men and one of my classes is dressing for success.I went out bought me a couple of things not long ago. I do need to give somethings away. I will do that today, Thank you.

  9. Joe Glass 10 years ago

    Mowed the grass in my ears and nose. getting the weed wacker out for my eyebrows. Just did my closet last night.

  10. Ben Moreno 10 years ago

    I am going in my closet and donate the clothes I do not wear to Goodwill…

  11. Walter Roach 9 years ago

    I got rid to 12 shirts, and 3 pairs of pants!!!!! Did not realize how much I did not wear. It made me feel good doing this, like starting anew.

  12. Jason 9 years ago

    Not a problem at all with this one. I’m glad to say that I got this one under control. I just need to keep it up.

  13. Blake 9 years ago

    I am going to be cleaning out my closet tonight when i get home from work. All of my clothes that I havent worn in 6 months will be going to goodwill. I am going to hold off on buying new clothes because I know once I recieve P90x that I will be dropping a sizes. However I will be rebuilding a whole new wardrobe in the next few weeks. This challenge is costing me but I know the returns is going be worth it for my family and myself.

  14. Brent Haeseker 9 years ago

    Raided the closet and removed 7 shirts, 3 pants and 11 ties – going to charity. New pants, shirts and ties are acquired.

  15. Stephen Jakubowski 9 years ago

    Time to buy some new clothes thanks for the tips!

  16. Jay 9 years ago

    I love this one, I love to dress..

  17. Jon 8 years ago

    My wife and I try to shrink our closet every 6 months or so. Her family and I we’re pack rats before we for married. At some point I realized my size S Troy Aikman jersey from when I was 5 wouldn’t fit anymore. Sign up for Express email coupons and usually get 30-40% off.

  18. Eric Gulledge 5 years ago

    Well I hope I don’t offend anyone but honestly I own boots,jeans,tshirts,and shorts. I wear my hair in a high and tight cut which I’m sure isn’t fashionable. I do own two sets of dress clothes. My dress uniform for the Volunteer Fire Department and VFW Honor Guard Uniform. Now that being said I come from the country and I dress practical so I can deal with anything from a fire to working on the house. I am very comfortable and confident in these simple clothes and I go by the old saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. No offense again but a man’s clothes don’t really matter it’s the man under them that does.

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